Trade Show Graphic Printing

High-quality trade show displays can mean the difference between connecting with new customers and clients or leaving the event disappointed. To make a good first impression, trade show displays should not only communicate crucial information about your products and services. They also need to reflect your brand image and draw people in. Working with a digital print and copy shop to create custom trade show graphic printing helps immensely, but there are a few other ways you can ensure your display helps you attract the new business opportunities you’re after.

Check out these trade show graphic printing tips to take your displays to the next level with retractable banners, posters, or signs!

When setting out to create high-quality trade show displays, there are five basic guidelines to always keep in mind – simplicity, height, layout, fonts, and color.

As far as simplicity goes, a general rule of thumb for trade show graphic printing is that text should take no longer than five seconds to read. Otherwise, attendees won’t read it. All important information should be at eye level or at the very least 20 inches off the ground to ensure it’s noticed. Graphics should also flow left to right from top to bottom so viewers can easily follow along like they would when reading a book. The font you choose should match the emotional tenor of your brand or the specific campaign, and the colors should complement the colors of your brand to avoid visual overload or a display that’s too busy.

When creating custom trade show graphic printing, you also need to consider image quality. You could have an amazing idea for a graphic, but if the final result is blurry, it won’t have the effect you intended. A digital print and copy shop should be able to help you resize your image and scale it up, but be prepared to put in some work beforehand, so the final image is more in line with your vision.

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