Brochure Fold Options

Irrefutably, a well-designed brochure is one of the most effective marketing tools a business can use. However, different brochure fold options are meant for different types of content. The following are the different types of brochure folds for your business brochure printing in San Diego that can be used to enhance the marketing campaign.

Gate Fold

This type of brochure fold is used in high-end marketing campaigns and is made of high-quality paper material, making it durable. To develop a gate brochure fold, a single sheet of paper is folded into three unequal parts. The side panels are usually smaller and about half the size of the central panel.


This is undoubtedly among the most common brochure fold options used by many businesses. As the name suggests, a bi-fold brochure is basically a single sheet of paper that has been folded into two pleats to form four panels and give the brochure a booklet appearance.


This is another popular type of brochure fold made by partitioning a sheet of paper into three portions. The left panel is folded above the right one to form a tri-fold brochure and is ideal for your business if you’re looking for more content space.


This brochure fold option is made from a large sheet of paper folded several times to become smaller. Cross-fold brochures are mainly used for large-scale designs such as transport maps and tourism guides.


This popular brochure fold option is almost similar to the tri-fold, except that its three folds make up the shape of an accordion instead of folding inwards. The best thing about Z-fold brochures is that you successfully divide the marketing content into three or simply use the large surface area.

Die-cut fold

While the die-cut fold forms the same Z-shape as the Z-fold brochure, the difference arises on the front panel. With die-cut fold brochures, the front panel is usually smaller. It has been cut in a diagonal incline, meaning that you can easily see the inside panels even when the brochure is completely folded.

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