Branding & Logo Design Guidelines

Branding is essential for any business, no matter the size or the industry. You’re creating more than a logo and a color scheme; you’re creating a reputation that will precede you everywhere.

Crafting just the right company persona doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s going to take a good deal of effort. But when you pull it off, you’ll be grabbing people’s attention and keeping it.

Brand & Logo Design

Your first step should be identifying where you want to take your company. Consider the comprehensive representation of your brand, from the name, the logo, the colors, and more. Then ensure that you are incorporating your business vision into your branding and logo design and develop a consistent image to market your business while avoiding these pitfalls:

  • Overly vague or complicated design: Clear and simple works, but don’t fall into boring and plain. Make sure your logo has enough going on to make an impact. Otherwise, it will just be another icon in the fray. Similarly, don’t turn the dial too far in the other direction. Too many objects, colors and details can be overwhelming. People won’t know what you’re trying to say, and your logo won’t show up on a wide variety of mediums very well.

  • Lack of originality: Standing on the shoulders of others can lead to great innovation, but make sure you’re really a head above the rest. If your logo is too similar to another business’s, especially your competitors, people may have trouble remembering the difference once they see your mark out in the wild. Get credit for your work by making memorable, unique designs.

  • Skimping on the colors: A key part of branding and logo design is picking the best colors. Your choices impact how much everything pops out to the customer, the feeling your materials give your customers, and how well people remember your work. Brand recognition can improve 80% when you effectively choose your colors and stick to them.

  • Low-quality materials: Once you’ve decided on the direction of your brand and logo design, you’ll want to get it in as many hands as possible. While mass distribution is key, it is important not to settle for low-quality printing, as your message could be muddled by cheap stock, low-resolution images, and bleeding or incorrect colors. Do research to find affordable, high-quality digital printing to build your company print supply.

Brand & Logo Distribution

Once you’ve finished your brand imagery and logo design, your next step is to start the actual branding and marketing process. Take the work you’ve done in creating your business image and spread it across every aspect of your business.

  • Consistent success: Consistency is the key to marketing your business. Once you put plenty of time into making the logo that is just right for your business, you’ll want to make sure that it stays recognizable. Take your laser-focused, crystal-clear design with you wherever you go, from business cards to blogs, and people will start to recognize your product when they see it.

  • Similar structures: It’s not just your logo’s structure that should stay the same, it’s all your materials. Using a consistent marketing format for all of your work will help give you a professional look and add clarity to everything you produce. Harmony between your newsletters, blogs and web pages will set you apart from cluttering, thrown-together pieces that aren’t wowing anyone.

  • Keeping quality: Once you’ve got your system down, stick to it. You shouldn’t alter anything from the design process to implementation without a long, hard look as to why. Even changing the printing service you’re using could make a big difference. Each printer has its own color profile, and your materials may not come out looking the same from one machine to the next. You might also be in for a surprise when you have to make new selections for important components like the stock you print on or the method of printing you use.

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