How Reading Printed Materials vs. Screens Can Save Your Life!

Reading Printed Materials vs. Screens

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to look at the terrifying ways reading digital media can impact your health! 

Reading on your smartphone or tablet fits right into your busy lifestyle, but it’s not always the best option. Trade quick tricks for quality treats and look at all the benefits of reading physical print.

Head away from the light

The way people quickly access information has changed. You’re never without a connected device these days, and that means everything is always available and up to date. Whatever you need to access, wherever you need to access it.

But it can come with a cost. Some of the dangers of reading on screens include eye-strain and neck pain. Studies have also shown regular use can lead to higher blood pressure, and use before bed can haunt you when you’re trying to get to sleep. And we all know the scary effects of cellphone use while driving.

When you put health aside in the comparison between reading printed materials and screens, the constant influx of information on a small screen can make it hard to catch all the details. Flicking through articles is great for volume, but the finer points can swipe right by you. It’s harder to stay focused for longer pieces, and sometimes our brain approaches the medium in a less receptive way. This makes it more difficult for you to retain information.

Stay in the physical realm

Physical media, on the other hand, stimulates your visual memory and may improve your understanding and retention. The tactile feel of the pages, the smell of the medium, and weight in your hands makes your brain more likely to fully tune-in. Compare diving into a book and reading an article on your phone, which is sure to offer distractions galore.

Compared to the dangers of reading on screens, there are actually health benefits of reading print. Your blood pressure and heart rate take a dip while reading print. And reading this way before bed can help your sleep cycle. Keeping a routine before you call it a night lets your body know sleep is coming, and reading that doesn’t douse you in blue light will help send the signal.

In the comparison between reading printed materials vs. screens, print does have its downsides. It may not be as readily available as digital and will take some additional effort to procure a fleshed-out copy. A physical read isn’t as neat and clean as digital, and candy smudges will leave their mark.

So, sleep soundly this Halloween. Get a quote for your printed materials at Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy and seek sanctuary from the ghoulish effects of glowing screens!