The Difference Between Digital Printing and Offset Printing

The printed material, used to invite people to a special event, advertise products and services, provide a proposal for a project bid, or any number of other graphic presentations, is a major factor in your business’s success. Choosing the right type of printing also makes a big difference, but is digital or offset printing the better way to go? Each type has its advantages, so depending on your specific need, you may want to consider both options.

Digital Printing

Offset Printing
The transfer of ink from the printer directly to the paper or other medium is the basic definition of digital printing. This transfer of graphics or text is available in inkjet or solid ink form or through the electrostatic application of toner powder. The advantages of digital printing include:  Each color component of an image gets separated out and integrated into its own aluminum plate in offset printing. Ink is loaded into these cylinders and transferred to a blanket or offset cylinder, which transfers the image to the paper or other medium. The advantages of offset printing are: 
  • Fast turnaround with no setup requirement or fee

  • Lower cost per page

  • Ideal for short runs 500 – 1000 pieces

  • Allows for better print on demand compatibility

  • Only way to execute variable data printing
  • More accurate color quality and clarity

  • Wider variety of options for paper and other mediums

  • Greater cost-effectiveness on higher volume runs

  • Wider range of finishes, including metallic

Making a Choice

When it comes to making a choice between digital printing and offset printing for your project, it will come down to the quality and type of finish you expect balanced with how much you want to invest. While large-run printing projects or works that require specialized mediums and finishes, may point to offset printing, the difference between digital printing and offset printing is hard to spot with the untrained eye. In fact, at Replica San Diego, you can still get high-quality replication from digital printing at a price that is more affordable for everyday use.

There are no disadvantages in digital printing while offset printing has two major disadvantages which can make your decision easier to go with digital printing.

  1. The first setback of offset printing is that it takes a larger investment to get better pricing.
  2. The second setback is wastage, as changes are not possible if you decide to edit or make changes to your document, requiring you to trash and reprint the revision.

Whether you are leaning towards digital printing or offset printing, we are eager to help you make the right choice when it comes to the type of printing that best suits your project and help you select the best mediums, finishes and other options that will provide you with the finest presentation using the most affordable option. Get a digital printing quote for your project from Replica San Diego and let us show you how we are the right choice for your digital printing and duplication needs.