How To Make Your Brand Stand Out at a Conference

Everyone wants to get noticed at a conference, and budget constraints often squeeze creative ideas out of sales-minded professionals. First, cover the basics. Then, decide how to stand out at your next conference in fun, creative ways.

We have all heard the obvious tips on how to stand out at a conference:

Consistency in colors in all your banners, posters, backdrops, tabletops, and hand-outs is as crucial as your logo.

Aim to dress in your company’s colors.

However, if everyone has heard those ideas and is following those suggestions, how is anyone going to stand out? Those two tips put you in the mainstream of exhibitors, but you can go bold with these ideas:

  • Headgear makes you and your fellow representatives stand out in a crowd in the exhibit hall, dining areas, and even around town. Ball caps with your company colors and logo is a popular, overdone idea, but it’s better than nothing. Consider crowns of blinking lights, silly hats, ethnic headgear that relates to your business or a facet of it, halos with tee shirts printed with “Angel of (whatever your company does) or devil’s horns with tee shirts printed with “We prod your competition to the edge of the abyss.” 
  • Sandwich boards — wear them. Be sure to have one side compel the viewer to see the other side. “Free” is always a good front word. On the back, print what freebies you are giving away and the number of your booth.
  • Suits and dresses should not be “business casual.” They should reflect your business in fun ways that stand out. Try funky, noticeable designs in your corporate colors. If a complete outfit breaks the budget, go for ties and scarves and be sure to circulate through all conference areas.
  • Make a trail to your booth with scattered items printed with your logo and URL. One company used dollar bills, but that, while guaranteed to work, can obviously get pricey. If you have a small, inexpensive product make a trail with it. If not, candy is sure to please.
  • Aim for the highest quality possible. Shoddy signs, outfits, collateral, and giveaways reflect on your company. If your budget will bear only pens with your logo, buy the best pens possible and make sure they write smoothly.
  • More than anything, to stand out in a conference, it is vital to show off your brand. Use high quality banners, signs, flyers, and brochures to distribute your business information. Make them stand out with catchy descriptions or humorous details and elevate your convention materials with high quality digital printing.

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