3 Print Industry Trends To Watch In 2019

By John Dean.Topics: Industry Trends & Insights

Whoever says print is dead is in for some shockers next year. With 2018 almost wrapped up and 2019 lurking around the corner, we can confidently say print is clearly still very much alive and kicking, and unlikely to become a thing of the past anytime soon. Better even, it seems the word on the entire print industry’s lips is ‘more’. How can we do more with less? How can we get more for less? The key enablers to solve these challenges, we predict, lie in the three main trends that will shape the print industry in 2019.

1.Software to the rescue

Don’t get us wrong. Printing is and has always been a craft. But pushing machines to their limits and asking staff to step up their game no longer suffices to increase and maintain profit margins. In 2019, the print industry’s focus more than ever lies on time-saving software

2.Automating the prepress path to success

Why expect more and more from prepress operators who, with the best will in the world, are unable to do a job in under 15 minutes when automation software can do the same job in 2 minutes or even less? Especially now that Web to Print is becoming the new norm, the real ROI of print projects is in the software that automates them.

3.Competitive collaboration

Cutting margins to pennies is set to become a thing of the past. Instead of competing against each other and each trying to offer the full package, we’ll see printing companies in 2019 focus more on what they do best and shake hands with their competitors. It’s all about sharing the wealth and the happier industry customers become, the more wealth there will be to go around.

Innovating by automating the path to the future

At Enfocus, we believe in innovating by automating. Centering our products on the success of our customers, we are confident that automating every step of the print production workflow is the ultimate tool for the print industry to thrive today as well as meet the many challenges ahead. PitStopSwitchConnect. Enfocus was there for you in 2018 (and before), and 2019 will be no different. Keep an eye on this blog to stay tuned to all the latest print industry news and upcoming trends!