How to Make Your Business Stand Out at Exhibitions and Conferences

How to Make Your Business Stand OutThere are dozens of upcoming conferences and events in San Diego that promise to introduce and promote all types of services and products from master brewers to wedding professionals.

Since the majority of successful marketers utilize in-person events to market their companies and you are more likely to get an appointment if you have a personal connection with a buyer, chances are you will find yourself attending at least one of these events this year.

Having an exhibition booth with a powerful design at a trade show, exhibit or conference is just one step towards successful marketing, especially if you are attending from outside of the San Diego area. Using print material such as brochures, flyers, posters, and banners may seem old-fashioned in today’s digital world, but in-person events are special opportunities to get your brand recognized and remembered by utilizing these traditional methods of marketing.

Further, these events are specialized and will be bringing in targeted markets, so it’s vital that your brand is visible and recognized to stand out. Here are some tips on how to make your business stand out using top tier exhibition booth design with quality marketing materials.


Flyers are an effective way to reach out to the community prior to the event. It’s a prime way to make a visual impression that gets your brand out there. Chances are your venue has already advertised the event and potential customers will be ready to attend, so having your brand associated with the venue on an effective flyer that stands out, is a cost-effective way to make your business stand out among the crowd.


At conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions, it’s vital to have a stand-out banner that reinforces your brand and pulls people into your exhibition booth with a design that draws in the crowd. Signage is important because it’s your first impression and if you’ve successfully marketed yourself with flyers, business cards, and advertising, your banner will be easily recognized at the event. If you are attending from out-of-state, it can be unfeasible to bring along a banner you have printed in your hometown, so utilizing a printing company that is local to your venue is a more convenient option.


Trade shows and other sales events are high-energy, fast-paced environments with a lot of competition so having key information at your fingertips is a good way to make your business stand out with a more personalized service to your visitors. A brochure is a resourceful way to pack a lot of information in a small space. You can pair your exhibition booth design with a high-quality, impactful brochure you’re able to provide potential clients with additional information that you may not otherwise have time to convey.


Exposure is at the root of brand recognition and making as many impressions as possible. Having signs that literally make your business stand out by pointing people in the right direction (to your booth, stall, or table) helps visitors recognize where you are. Replica San Diego offers different types of signs from metal signs, canopy tents, and chalkboard signs, to car magnets and custom tablecloths.


Once you’ve got your exhibition booth set up with your business design on your banner, you can magnify your exposure with quality, professional posters. Since your goal is to engage customers, a great way to start a conversation is to have a poster that sends a message – either answering or asking a question – can get the ball rolling. There are many different styles, sizes, and types of posters and these are very effective sales tools.


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