Tips for Designing an Effective Brochure

When you’re creating a new brochure, you need to make sure the design is as high in quality as the printing. You can do this by keeping your brand identity and design in mind. The fonts you choose should be legible, and you should think about how the colors you use may impact the viewer. Continue on for tips about designing an effective brochure.

Stick to Your Brand Design
No matter what the purpose of your brochure is, you want anyone who looks at it to realize that it’s connected to your company. You can pull this off by designing your brochure according to your existing brand identity. Include any relevant logos, fonts, and color schemes that are related to your brand so people will instantly know where the material came from. Your printing company can help you incorporate these elements into your brochure.

Choose Your Fonts Carefully
An effective brochure does a good job of conveying information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Some people get caught up in fonts when they set out to design their brochures. Choose a font that is easy to read for the sections of your brochure that offer information. Remember that some fonts are legible at one size, but they may blend together as you shrink them down. You also want to make sure the font contrasts with the background of the brochure, but not in a way that gives the reader a headache.

Consider Color Psychology
Whenever you start a printing project, you need to keep color psychology in mind. Think about what you want your viewers to feel when they look at your brochure. Talk to your printing professionals about which colors can help you elicit the desired emotions, but try to do this within the context of your brand image.

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