Tips for Choosing Binding for Your Printed Project

Binding Services at Replica

Binding Services at Replica

Whether you’re printing posters or creating a book, you should have the best materials for your project. When you have a printed project that requires binding, the type of binding material you choose can make or break your project, literally. If a binding breaks on you, the time and money you spent on printing materials will have gone to waste. Follow these tips to decide which binding is the best for you.

Think About the Size of the Project
Before cost and aesthetic appeal, the size of your book will determine the type of binding you need. If you have a large amount of pages, or the project requires heavy paper, you might benefit from a tape bind or a VeloBind. These are good, professional-looking bindings, but they don’t allow for the book to lay flat. If you have a smaller project, such as an agenda or lab notes, consider a spiral or comb binding. These binds are good for quick editing, and they lay flat. Unfortunately, pages can’t be added to the books after they’ve been spiral-bound. When you consult with your printing services, they can help you determine the best binding for your needs.

Create a Budget for the Project
Once you’ve determined which binding you need, budget comes into play. Tape binding typically costs more, but it’s more durable. Spiral and comb binding are typically the simplest and least expensive option when it comes to bound projects.

Consider the Aesthetics of the Project
Aesthetic appeal is up to you and what you think your project requires. There are a few elements to consider, though, such as color. Most binding options have various colors you can choose from, but black is the most popular and easiest option. Also, if you want your company or project name on the spine of the document, tape binding would be the choice for you.

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