How to Make Your Conference Poster Stand Out

If you’re attending a scientific conference, you should design a conference poster that is visually striking and clearly conveys all necessary information in a simple, easy to read way. You should also get your poster professionally printed by a commercial printing company that offers high-quality digital poster printing. Here are some useful tips for designing and printing a scientific conference poster that stands out from the crowd.

Use a Simple, Effective Layout
You should find a large poster printing company that offers poster prints at the maximum size allowed by your conference. Your title should be centered at the top of your poster, and the body of your poster should be landscape-oriented and divided into columns for easier reading. The colors used should highlight or emphasize information rather than competing with it and overwhelming your audience.

Understand Your Audience
At a scientific conference, your audience is distracted and overwhelmed by a large volume of content and noise. You want to draw your audience in and hold their attention. The subject of your poster should be easily identifiable from a distance, and you should use a focal image to attract attention. Your poster’s text should be concise, easy to read, provide a clear flow of information, and only focus on major findings.

Organize Your Information Clearly
Scientific posters should follow a strict organizational format to ensure that all crucial information is conveyed clearly and effectively. You should organize this information by title, introduction, problem, methods, materials, results, conclusion, references, acknowledgements, and contact information. You should only include an abstract if the organizers of the scientific conference require one. When your audience can easily follow the flow of information through the use of clear headers and concise language, it’s much easier to maintain their attention.

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