The Key Features of Effective Poster Design

A poster can be a great way to describe a new policy, promote a product, or start a conversation with a coworker. However, poster printing isn’t enough; you must have a cohesive and understandable design that draws the eye in. Here is an overview of the key features of effective poster design.

Appeal to the Eye
No matter what purpose your poster serves, it will fail if nobody looks at it. This is why it is important that your poster design is catchy and eye grabbing. Make sure your poster design gives passersby a reason to stop and take a minute to look at your print. Try using the poster design in combination with the location where you hang it to ensure that it is seen as often as possible. A poster that looks great will do a better job of convincing someone to stop than one that looks unprofessional.

Focus and Cohesiveness
Always make sure your poster gets your point across clearly, simply, and efficiently. If someone is confused about what your poster means, he or she may not be likely to look further into it; the poster might even be forgotten entirely. Make sure you know exactly what your goal is when designing your poster, and make sure the appearance reflects that goal.

The most effective posters reach a wide audience from far away. If you plan on hanging your poster up high and out of reach, make sure it is legible enough that people can read it without getting closer. Your font choice is incredibly important when it comes to legibility, as is your choice in font sizes. Make sure your main points are big, flashy, and easy to read.

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