The Importance of Having a Company Letterhead

In today’s modern business world, there is a great deal of focus on giving your business an online presence. While this is certainly important to your ongoing success, don’t forget that physical approaches to communication are also still very valuable. Real, tangible communications from a printing company in San Diego that customers can hold in their hands are powerful tools, and serve to reinforce your brand. A company letterhead is one of these important tools to have in your marketing arsenal. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of having a company letterhead.




Whether you are communicating with existing clients, prospective customers, or vendors, you should put a professional appearance forward. Any outgoing communications from your company should be on a standard letterhead that features your logo. Work with a professional graphic designer to create a letterhead that is simple yet effective, and takes the rest of your branding efforts into account for consistency. As soon as someone receives a communique from you, they should know that they are holding official materials. Anything less than a letterhead can look amateur, and ultimately do more harm than good to your company’s reputation.


Email lists allow you to get in touch with your customers, but sending physical mail shows that you are going the extra step to build your customer relationships. You can personalize the message you send on your digitally printed letterhead by including a handwritten note, or even a photo of your work team. People appreciate a personal touch, and it may help to give your customers a more positive feeling about your company.


In addition to giving the appearance of professionalism, company letterhead makes your business look much more credible. If you compare communications on plain paper to those on letterhead, chances are, the company using letterhead will appear far more credible than the competition. Don’t let a simple thing like lack of official letterhead damage your credibility.

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