When to Distribute Promotional Flyers



While digital promotions are very popular for many businesses, printing posters and flyers is still a viable solution for building awareness for an event or brand. With services from a company offering printing serving San Diego, you can create eye-catching flyers that will clearly communicate information about your promotion. To help you achieve the best results from your campaign, here is a look at when to distribute your promotional flyers.

One Month Before the Event
You can start distributing your flyers as far out as a month before your event. Passing out flyers too early may not be an effective strategy, as your clients may lose track of the flyers in the weeks or months leading up to the promotion. However, around a month before your promotion is scheduled to start, you can raise awareness by starting to pass out your beautifully printed flyers.

One Week Before the Event
During the week leading up to your promotion or event, you can start building a buzz by passing out lots of flyers. You can pass flyers out at your place of business, on the street, or even at other events that are happening in your neighborhood. Passing out fliers during the week prior will encourage your clients to participate in your promotion.

The Day of the Event
Once the day of your promotion arrives, you will want to pass out plenty of flyers to the public and to passersby. You may want to have one designated employee who will be passing out your printed materials all throughout your promotion. Your flyers can encourage new customers to take advantage of your special deal or offer.

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