How to Design a Winning Science Poster


Sharing your scientific findings with others can be just as exciting as making your initial discovery. Whether your project is for a high school science class or a postdoctoral presentation, it is important that your science poster not only clearly imparts the information you want to share, but also captures the attention of passersby. Poster printing in San Diego can help you create poster prints that are as beautiful as they are informative.

Condense Your Content
A science poster is typically an addendum to your formal research. Your instructors and colleagues can read about your complete findings in the dissertation or report that you provide to them. However, your poster is meant to share only the most important data relating to your project. When preparing your files for poster printing, evaluate the amount of text you have in your proof. Text-heavy poster prints can be daunting to read, so cut any wording that is not necessary for your presentation.

Highlight Your Data
After you condense your text, you want to make sure that what remains clearly states the outcome of your research. Displaying your most important findings at the top of your poster can help viewers quickly locate this information. You might also want to utilize different fonts and colors for your text so that those looking at your poster print can quickly find and understand your conclusions.

Make Graphics Prominent
No science poster is complete without colorful graphics. Poster prints with only text typically attract little attention, while posters with bold graphics can easily bring in audiences who want to learn more about the project these images represent. To ensure your poster remains simple and clear, include only graphics that relate directly to the information you have gathered during your project. As visually beautiful as some graphics may be, if they contain extraneous data, they can take away from the impact of your poster.

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