Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to a business’ brand identity, its logo plays a critical role and can help promote company success or failure. Before heading to the digital printing company, examine your logo design to ensure it avoids these common mistakes:

Overly Vague Design
It’s true that some of the most successful logos boast a simple design. However, if your logo lacks any defining characteristics, then it may fail to elicit a reaction in its viewers, which also means that it’s unlikely to create a lasting impression. To help ensure that your logo makes an impact, avoid designs that are too vague.

Overly Complicated Design
On the other hand, you may face the opposite issue and have a head full of ideas that you want to include in the design. If a logo is too complicated, however, then the message can get lost and leave potential customers confused about what the company offers. When designing a logo, remember that one of its purposes is to tell the viewer something about the company, so it’s important for it to be clear and memorable.

Incorrect Typography Spacing
Typography is a critical component of logo design that is often poorly executed. When there is too much or too little spacing between letters, the logo’s readability, legibility, and visual appeal can be lost. Choose your fonts with care and ensure that your typography is spaced correctly so that it remains easy to read at any scale, such as on small business cards or large poster prints.

Poor Color Choices
It’s okay to have a bright or colorful logo, but bear in mind that not all hues go well with one another, so take care to avoid jarring color schemes. Also, your business’ existing branding should influence any color choices. Lastly, factor in color psychology, which can convey a sense of your company’s services to potential customers.

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