Avoid These Typography Mistakes


If you want to make the most of your printing project, make sure you get the design right. You don’t want to add in too many fonts, a lackluster contrast, or extraneous spaces after periods. Feel free to keep reading and avoid these typography mistakes.

Too Many Fonts
When it comes to poster printing, you should do your best to keep your design relatively simple. Too many different fonts can be distracting for the viewer, which can be counterproductive to your cause. If you want to get your message across without confusing anyone, it’s best to stick to one or two fonts. This applies to font weights as well, as too many different weights can have the same convoluted effect on your print. Choose one or two fonts that you like and try to stick to them when printing a poster or banner.

Poor Contrast
In order to ensure that your printing project comes out as legible as possible, you should do some experimenting with contrast. You don’t want to have blue font on a blue background unless the two shades of blue are completely different and contrasting. It’s a good idea to make the font “pop” off of the page so that people can easily read your copy from a distance. Think about your design scheme and the colors involved in your brand, and make sure your font is set on a contrasting background.

Improper Spacing
A period does a good enough job at ending a sentence, so you don’t need to add two spaces afterwards. This technique was once embraced, but it’s no longer customary in modern printing. All you need is one space after a period, and then you can start the next sentence. This saves room and makes your copy easier to read.

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