5 Ways to Make Effective Business Posters [INFOGRAPHIC]

A poster can be a valuable marketing tool for any business, but the design matters. A poorly crafted poster won’t convey your message or attract new business. The good news is that designing a winning poster doesn’t have to be complicated—as long as you stick to a few basic rules. Start by narrowing down the message you want your posters to convey. A poster should promote something very narrow and precise, such as a sale or new service. Write clear and simple copy for the poster with an eye-grabbing headline, and choose an image that is unique enough to attract attention but clear enough to be on point with your message. Learn more about designing effective posters in this infographic from Replica Digital Print & Copy. Our printing services near San Diego make printing posters easy and cost effective. Share these ideas with your co-workers and fellow business owners, and choose us for cheap poster printing when you need it.