Tips for Livening Up Boring Technical Presentations

If you have ever sat through a technical presentation at school or at work, you know how tedious it can be. Even if the information being presented is essential knowledge, it can be hard to absorb and remember if it is not presented in an interesting way. The best speakers and lecturers understand this, and incorporate a variety of different techniques to make the subject matter more accessible. Simple steps, such as making color copies of important worksheets and printing posters that elaborate on main ideas, can help maintain interest. Read on for additional tips for making boring presentations livelier.

Understand Your Goals
When you are tasked with presenting to a class or a company, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. You may simply want to get the information across, but you also need to convince your audience members that what you’re saying is important to them. The art of persuasion is very useful in technical presentations, as it immediately makes the information relevant to your listeners. Establish for yourself why what you’re talking about is important, and then begin to translate that into a presentation.

Use Specific Examples
Anyone can present information and talk about an idea in the abstract, but this does not make for a very lively presentation. Instead of simply presenting information and facts, make the material come to life by using examples and case studies when applicable. Understanding how the information can be applied in real world situations will draw your listeners in, as they may have been in similar situations before without the benefit of the information you’re presenting.

Create Visual Interest
A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. This is true even during technical presentations. If your audience members can refer to a handout or poster and associate a visual with your idea, they may be able to retain the information better. Additionally, providing visual materials is useful for accommodating your audience members’ different learning styles.

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