How to Design the Perfect Holiday Cards for Your Business

One of the best ways to show appreciation to your clients and customers during the holidays is to surprise them with a seasonal greeting delivered straight to their mailbox. Holiday cards created with help from your local digital printing company can also serve as a great way to spread the word around town about your business’ products and services. Listed below are a few tips for designing the perfect holiday cards for your business.

Get Creative
Begin by sitting down with colleagues to brainstorm several creative ideas together before settling on one design or incorporating elements of each into the final product. Try to think outside of the box to find a way to immediately grab your customers’ attention and remind them of why they made the initial decision to use your products or services instead of those of competitors in the area.

Add Your Company’s Signature Touch
Another great strategy for designing the perfect holiday cards for your business is to make the card design personal. If your business has a distinct logo or signature colors, be sure to include this in the design so that anyone reading will immediately recognize the thoughtful sender of this seasonal greeting. You can personalize the card even more by including a photo of you and your staff or a few fun shots of your office or retail space.

Keep the Attitude Lighthearted
Lastly, be sure to remember that the holidays are a meaningful time for customers of all faiths. Be sure to avoid any jokes or phrases that might be considered exclusive or even offensive for certain customers. Poor taste and overly serious messages tend to be two of the biggest pitfalls that businesses of all sizes fall into when producing their holiday cards, so remember to keep the greeting friendly and lighthearted.

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