Creating Effective Trade Show Banners

Trade shows attract thousands of attendees, and virtually all of them will walk by your booth at some point during the event. How do you make sure your set-up catches their attention and generates interest in your product or service? One way is to print eye-catching trade show banners. Banners are like large posters, and they can help set your booth apart from nearby competitors. To help you make the best impression, here are some tips for creating effective trade show banners.

Be Bold and Inviting
There are likely to be hundreds of exhibitors at the trade show you are participating in, so don’t be afraid to take chances with your trade show banners. Bold, eye-catching designs will surely garner interest from the attendees, especially if all of the other exhibitors went with boring, conservative design schemes.

Capture Your Brand’s Image
Your banners should capture your brand’s image and express your company’s voice. Doing so will help prospective clients connect with your company before they even talk to you or look at your promotional materials up close. Think about your company’s core values and try to incorporate them into your banners as much as possible.

Connect with the Audience
Not everyone will stop and talk with you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to connect with as many attendees as possible. Include calls to action on your banners to encourage the public to connect with you outside of the trade show. Include your company’s phone number and website, as well as email address, Twitter handle, and Facebook name.

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