Tips to Impress Your Professor on Your Next School Project

High school - three students with mature professor

You may have been the best and brightest student in your high school class, but it can be much harder to stand out in college where you are surrounded by students who are just as gifted and motivated as you. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to go above and beyond the expectations that will help you project or presentation impress your professor. From engaging with your peers to binding your written work, these tips will help make a lasting impression on your professor.

Make Your Project Interactive
If your project requires you to present in front of your class, try to make your presentation interactive by engaging with your peers. Ask questions, conduct a survey, or call for volunteers; whatever you do, just make sure that your peers are actively engaged with your presentation. This will demonstrate to your professor that you are serious about helping your fellow students grasp the material you have presented, which can go a long way come grading time.

Pass Out Printed Materials
Another way to take your presentation to the next level is to distribute printed materials to the class. Professionally-printed flyers, booklets, or data sheets will make it clear that you spent serious time and energy getting ready for your presentation. Professors will often add a few extra points for effort, so going above and beyond can only help your final grade.

Put the Finishes Touches on Your Report
If your presentation or project includes a written report, go the extra step and bind your work. In addition to keeping your work together, binding will also give your report a clean and professional look. Coil/spiral binding is the most commonly used binding because it lays flat when opened and works with odd-sized reports.

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