Three Must-Have Items for Your Business Presentation

Senior male speaker giving a presentation

Whether you are making a pitch to a new client, conducting a training session for new hires, or holding a weekly conference with your staff, the success of any business meeting rests as much on the presentation as on the actual content you deliver. Well designed, attractive posters and printed handouts can help keep your audience engaged and allow them to retain essential information after the presentation is over. Even in today’s digital, screen-oriented world, your presentation can benefit from printed materials, such as:

Laminated Posters
Though nearly all business presenters today use PowerPoint or similar software to deliver presentations, do not underestimate the value of using posters to convey certain information, especially if you are presenting to a room full of strangers who may be potential clients. Keeping a set of laminated posters that highlight your company’s unchanging mission, identity, and brand can lend you a sense of permanence and authority, which you can supplement with a digital presentation.

Printed Handouts
Focusing on a screen or a poster may be difficult for an audience, especially in a larger conference room or auditorium. Also, changing placards or slides forces them to take notes at your pace. A handout, whether it is a simple one-page leaflet or a bound booklet, provides your audience members with a resource they can review during and after your presentation to remember the salient points.

Business Cards
Despite the fact that most businesses maintain digital contact lists, it is still a good idea to have a set of physical business cards on hand. A business card provides your audience with a tangible reminder of your company and your presentation, and they can enter the printed contact information into their smartphones or computer databases later.

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