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Gator Board is one of the strongest foam boards available, making it resistant to denting, bending, and crushing. They also have an extra dense core that provides more strength and durability than a regular poster or foam board. Since it’s both lightweight and rigid, Gatorboard signs and posters are great for presentations, promotions, and artwork.

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Gator board posters are a must as promotional pieces. Having your marketing materials ready for display at expos and pop-ups events saves you valuable time. It’s also great for travel so if you’re printing some charts for a class presentation, the durability of gator board poster will ensure your work stays intact.

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Even if you’re sending a gator board poster as a gift to a friend, these will provide more strength than a regular poster or foam board. You can rest a little easier knowing that mailing gator board will withstand whichever shipping service you choose. And since our gator board signs are tougher than standard foam boards, you’ll be able to use them again and again.

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Replica makes gator board mounting easy. Simply send us your image or photo and we’ll professionally mount it. Since no frame is necessary your artwork will be ready to be proudly displayed in your home or office. Because of its resilience, the image will last longer.

Whatever your printing needs may be, Replica San Diego is ready to create them. Our professional staff will help your vision become a reality. All we need is your high-quality design and the quantity needed for your printing project. You can also save money on big jobs with our large volume discounts for all businesses, non-profits, schools, and churches. Call or contact us today!

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