Using your Printed Menu as your First Marketing Tool

You want your food to speak for itself, but the menu makes the introduction. How well are you using your menu as a marketing tool?

Customers are reviewing menus from the second they sit down at a restaurant table, and sometimes even before they choose to visit your restaurant. People want to know what food and drinks to expect. When it comes to hungry customers, your menu is a marketing tool that will sell what you’re cooking. Choose your words carefully, have options for everyone, stand out from the crowd, and keep things simple to draw them in.

Keep It Simple

Use space wisely and keep your menu from becoming cluttered and unclear. A handful of intriguing appetizers and entrees will be enough to snare anyone contemplating your wares, and concise item descriptions will keep their attention for longer. Use strong colors and clear logos to reinforce your brand. This will help customers associate your restaurant with whatever piques their interest on the menu.

Draw Them In

Your menu items should be enticing to the reader. Draw your audience in with mouth-watering descriptors, but don’t use filler words that don’t add to the experience (e.g., real, fresh, etc.). People are more concerned by the origin of the ingredients you are using rather than promises of quality they don’t know they can trust.

Something for Everyone

Don’t alienate people by leaving out important sections of the menu. Be sure to include any items that may be suitable for people with allergies or following a specific diet. Make sure you are incorporating clear symbols and identifiers as a map through your menu so users with dietary restrictions can clearly navigate its contents.

Get Experienced Help

Use an experienced printer that can get you the best menu for your restaurant. Good help can assist you with things like choosing the right stock and the proper finish, selecting the best color theme, and formatting the text accurately. Get knowledgeable answers to all your questions in a professional and timely manner, so you can get to making your perfect marketing menu.

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