Getting Your Project Ready for Printing

If you’re using a commercial printing company in San Diego for your poster printing or digital printing needs, there are a few things you can do to get your project ready for printing. Following these guidelines will ensure that your project looks amazing.

Review Your Project with Your Printing Company
Visit your printing company in person to discuss your project prior to printing. This will allow you to evaluate the services they are able to offer you. Find out what resolution, size, and type of file that your commercial printing company needs in order to reproduce your project in the highest quality. You may need to resize your image, change its resolution to at least 300dpi, and convert the file to a PDF or tiff file.

Use an Appropriate Font Style
Some fonts do not have a different font style for font variations like bold font and italic font. This means that if you use these font styles and then choose to italicize or bold your font, your design software is actually distorting your original font to achieve this effect. To avoid this, choose a font style that has already been modified to include bold and italic fonts. When you choose your fonts, you’ll notice that some include the name of the basic font, and then three other options for the font in bold, italics, or bold italics style. Choose a font style that includes these variations.

Size Your Images Correctly
If you are using digital photos or scanned images in your design, make sure that they are sized correctly. If you manually increase the size of a digital or scanned image, it will look blurry or pixelated when printed. Use images that have a high enough resolution that they will still look their best when they are re-sized.

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