How to Design a Trade Show Banner That Stands Out

Trade shows are goldmines for leads, and depending on the type of products or services you offer they can even bring in an influx of cash that can help you grow your business operations to the next level. However, it’s not just enough to simply have a table or booth at a trade show. You need to stand out from the hundreds of other exhibitors if you want to attract customers or potential clients to your display. That’s where a killer trade show banner can help. A really good trade show banner can make your booth pop and draw a lot of attention. To help you with your next trade show exhibit, here are some tips for designing a banner that stands out.

Make a Good First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make an impression on trade show attendees, so make sure your banner engages your audience and quickly tells the story of who you are, what you do, and how your products or services can help them. Ideally your logo should do most of the “talking” for you, but a few catchy taglines can also go a long way in getting the right people excited (or at least curious) about what you have to offer.

Stand Out with Color and Graphics

Your booth will be surrounded by competing exhibitors, and even if they aren’t directly competing with you in terms of what they offer they can still clutter the air with banners of their own, making it harder for yours to stand out. Do some research and try to find out who will be set up next to at the trade show so you can get an idea of the colors and graphics that will be on display near your table. This will allow you to pick colors and graphics that stand out, even if it means going with a bright color that doesn’t align with your branding guidelines.

Don’t Cut Corners on Printing

After the design is finalized, the most important step is making sure that your trade show banner looks professional and high quality. After all, the quality of your banner can speak directly to the quality of your products and services—at least in the eyes of trade show attendees. For the highest quality trade show banners in San Diego, trust Replica Digital Print & Copy. We guarantee your banners will look sharp and professional, and we can even help you out at the design stage if you need tips or pointers. For more info, call us at (858) 366-4767.