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Replica San Diego offers a selection of floor sign printing, from promotional decals to directional stickers. We print with the highest quality colors and materials, so your San Diego business’s custom floor decals durable and eye-catching. Whether you need your floor signs to advertise the latest promotion or to ensure business safety and compliance, our team is here to guide you through the ordering process so you can get the most out of your custom purchase.

Custom Social Distancing Floor Signs

We have also expanded our decal service, as we now offer social distancing floor signs to encourage COVID safety protocols in your business space. Ensure that customers practice recommended social distancing with floor signs that clearly mark designated spaces through aisles, checkout lines, and lobbies.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in a lot of ways, and one of the most important things that businesses can do to adjust to COVID-19 and protect customers and employees alike is to introduce social distancing floor signs at their facilities.

What Are Custom Social Distancing Floor Signs?

Social distancing floor signs are applied directly to the floor of your business and provide you written reminders for customers and employees to always maintain 6 feet of distance.

This is because COVID-19 coronavirus is spread through the air, so proper distancing between employees and customers ensures the harmful particles fall to the floor and do not spread between individuals. Along with mask requirements, social distancing has been called one of the “best ways” to prevent COVID-19 spread by the CDC.

The two most common types of social distancing floor signs are reminder signs and “stand here” signs.

Reminder signs – These are usually placed near store entrances and in high-traffic areas to remind people to maintain 6 feet of distance from one another wherever possible.

Stand here signs – These are usually used for checkouts and waiting areas and are placed 6 feet apart. By standing on one of these signs, a customer or employee will know they’re maintaining proper distancing.

At Replica San Diego, we offer durable, easy-to-read, and high-quality custom floor decals and stickers for businesses of all types. Shop now, and make sure that you protect your employees, your customers, and your business.

Where Should I Implement Custom COVID Business Stickers for Social Distancing?

Wondering where and how to use custom COVID floor decals? Here are a few places where these signs can be the most useful.

Entries and exits – Reminder signs at entrances and exits help remind employees and/or customers about their responsibility to maintain distancing.

Aisles & passageways – Reminder signs and directional signs are handy for narrow aisles and passageways. For example, you can place stickers that remind customers to move in one direction only through an aisle.

Check-outs – Check-outs are ideal places for “stand here” signs that are placed 6’ apart to protect customers.

Pickup & drop-off stations – Similarly to check-outs, pickup and drop-off stations and other customer service areas can benefit from COVID business stickers for social distancing.

Restrooms – Individuals need to maintain social distancing even in bathrooms. This is especially true in areas where there may be long lines for bathroom use, like convenience stores or truck stops.

Lobbies & waiting areas – Lobbies and waiting areas of all kinds can use COVID business stickers to ensure proper spacing between individuals.

Communal spaces – Reminder stickers in all communal spaces help maintain vigilance and social distancing.

Manufacturing areas – Adding stickers to manufacturing areas helps keep workers distanced from one another, reducing the risk of infection and interruptions to business operations.

Warehouses & distribution areas – Social distancing stickers can be useful for reminding workers about their duties to maintain 6’ of distance in distribution, warehouse, and logistics facilities.

Shop Custom Floor Decals and COVID-19 Business Stickers at Replica San Diego

We can all do our part to fight back against COVID-19, and maintaining proper social distancing is a key part of that, along with vaccinations, hand washing, and mask requirements. COVID-19 may continue to affect us for years to come, and with the right social distancing floor signs, you can make sure you’re prepared.

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