Pro Tips for Designing an Effective Poster


Before you can send your poster design off for printing, you must ensure that it is sufficient enough to represent your company or product. Designing an effective poster, however, is easy once you have these helpful tips:

Tip #1: Find Your Focus
When designing a poster, you need to find the right focus that will draw in viewers. This focus could be your company’s logo, mascot, or product. If you are designing a poster with a more ambiguous focus—meaning the advertisement is not apparent at first glance—then find the right focus to still represent your company or advertising campaign. This may be a secondary image within your company or campaign, but it must still represent your message.

Tip #2: Choose Important Words

Once you draw in viewers, you need to get your message across quickly and in as few words as possible. Whether your poster prints are outside on the street or inside a comfortable office, they must communicate quickly or your viewers will become bored or put-off. Choose important and dynamic words that are strategically placed
round your poster. If you include product reviews or movie reviews, choose short sentences that viewers can skim easily. Make sure your logo is succinct and memorable as well.

Tip #3: Balance Your Colors
Your posters and other printings should have a balance that is pleasing to the eye. If you choose to saturate your posters in one color, then make sure your words and focus are printed in an attention-grabbing color. If you use a multitude of colors, then be sure they are balanced across the poster. Ensure that the colors you choose are complementary and promote your business or products.

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