How to Prepare a Photo for Printing


If you want to make the physical copy of your photo as beautiful as it looks on your camera or computer, you need to get the image prepared. This means choosing your colors and doing any editing or touch-ups, as well as changing the measurements to fit the printed material. The professionals can help you, but keep reading and see how to prepare a photo for printing.

Finalize Your Colors
Never send a photo out to the printing company before you double check the color scheme. Different cameras and computers can handle different levels of resolution, and you need to think about the way this will translate once the image is on paper. Extremely subtle variations in color might not make it through the printing process the way you would like them to if you don’t set your photo up to print the right way. Make sure you’re confident with your color scheme and take care of any last-second edits before you send in your photo.

Get the Right Measurements
Measurements are another element that fall into the technical category of color printing, and part of this has to do with the material you’re printing on. Book covers, album art, and posters all have different measurement requirements, so plan for the final product. Your photo should be sized properly so it fits the canvas, and you’ll need to consider room for bleed as well. The photo should also be in the correct proportion, or it will come out distorted.

Hire a Printing Company
Some people specialize in printing, some specialize in photography, and others specialize in both. It’s okay if the photo part is your particular area of expertise. In this case, talk to a professional printing company to make sure your image is ready to be sent to the printer.

Never start the printing process before preparing your photo. Instead, contact Replica Digital Print & Copy and make sure it’s ready to go. You can also learn about our commercial printing services by checking out our website or calling us at (858) 457-9500 today.