Design Guidelines for Posters



Whether you’re trying to draw a crowd to an upcoming event or spread the word about a new business that’s opening, poster printing may be the way to go. In order to make your post as effective as possible, you should think about its size and legibility. Don’t be afraid to ask the pros for help, and read ahead for design guidelines for posters.

Choose the Right Size
A few elements should cross your mind when you’re printing posters, like where you plan to put them up and how much space you’ll have to work with. Small poster prints can be nice to keep at local businesses so shoppers who come across them can pick them up, but a small poster may look awkward hanging up with too much space around it. On the other hand, a poster that is too large for its space can look just as awkward, or it may not fit the area at all.

Make Your Design Legible
One of the benefits of large-scale poster printing is that it tends to be easier to make your design understandable. Larger poster printing means more space between letters, so you might have a little more room for flexibility when choosing a font. However, you should still always choose a font that people can easily understand, even from a distance.

Ask for Help
If you’re the brains of the operation, poster printing might not be your area of expertise. It’s always better to consult the professionals rather than go through the poster printing process and realize you don’t like the finished product. Since you’ll need their help to bring your materials to life anyway, it doesn’t hurt to take the opportunity to ask them for advice.

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