The Definitive Guide to Matte vs. Gloss Laminate

Printing has come a long way, and you may not realize how many customizable options you’ll have when you get your materials printed by the professionals. Matte and gloss laminate can both be great options, but which one should you choose? Here’s a look at the definitive guide to matte versus gloss laminate:

Matte or Gloss Lamination service at Replica San Diego
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Before you can decide whether you’d prefer matte or gloss lamination, you should know why lamination is so important in the first place. Whether you’re printing posters that you’ll hang up in the office or color copies that you’ll hand out and never see again, you should make sure that they last. Lamination ensures that your printing expenses aren’t for nothing. It also adds some extra flair and professionalism to your printed materials, which can make your business come off as more put-together and legitimate.

2 of the most popular types of lamination are matte and gloss, and there are a couple of important differences between them that you should understand. Matte lamination typically offers a subtler effect for your color copies. This kind of lamination may come off as classy, and it can give your printing materials a softer look than alternatives. However, the colors on your poster or business card might not look very intense.

If you want your color copies to pop as much as possible and catch people’s attention, then gloss might be for you. Gloss lamination contributes to a shiny look that helps to catch the eye, and it protects your materials from dirt and fingerprints. On the downside, the glossiness amplifies scratches and blemishes, especially when there’s plenty of light around. If you’re in a bright room, it may be difficult to focus on the actual design of the color copies.

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